We are featuring two customers in this quarter’s newsletter, because they are examples of the long-term relationships that we work hard to develop. As their customers grow and change, both of these companies are able to expand the services they offer to accommodate their customer’s changing needs.
1The first is Crenlo, a manufacturing company whose products are divided between two businesses: Crenlo Enclosures and Crenlo Cab Products. Office enclosures and interiors for truck cabs may seem rather different, but the ability required to produce both rely on the experience, people and technologies Crenlo has delivered in its sixty-year history of world-class fabrication.
Lawrence Transportation Company (LTC) recently became the dedicated freight carrier for Crenlo, which essentially allows Crenlo to get out of the truck transportation business. LTC purchased Crenlo’s existing tractor fleet and now owns, operates and maintains those assets. As a result, LTC can bring its own economies of scale to Crenlo’s transportation needs in areas like equipment and fuel purchasing, driver screening and hiring, insurance and licensing, as well-as LTC’s freight management network that keeps our trucks on the road loaded. Both Crenlo and LTC can focus on what they do best.
2The second company is Seal-Rite. It is a part of the Palmer-Donavin Manufacturing Company. Our readers may remember Palmer Donavin from a 2012 newsletter article. It is a 100+ year-old company which has come a long way from manufacturing tin ware and boilers to becoming one of the nation’s leaders in the wholesale distribution of building supplies and heating and cooling equipment.
Seal-Rite Door, acquired by Palmer-Donavin in 2013, was established in 1981 and quickly became a supplier of Therma-Tru doors to Palmer-Donavin and its customers. Those products were solely focused on residential entry and patio systems, and Seal-Rite experience and proven commitment to serving customers helped to maintain Palmer-Donavin’s industry leadership in the markets it serves.
The Lawrence NationaLease (LNL) relationship with Palmer-Donavin dates to 2010 when it joined with Kirk NationaLease in Ohio to provide full-service lease agreements with Kirk that by 2012 included 27 Palmer-Donavin trucks. Today, LNL leases 18 single-axle trucks, 9 Kenworth tractors, and 35 utility trailers for Seal-Rite’s operation in Ohio, Illinois and Michigan which include full-service lease agreements. LNL provides experience, dependability and the NationaLease nation-wide network of independent companies to Seal-Rite’s determination to deliver the highest quality Therma-Tru door products to all of its customers.

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