its-overThis has been the toughest winter for our business that I can recall. The bitter cold created a lot of maintenance issues, particularly with the new EPA emissions systems failures, causing problems for not only us, but also for our customers, due to down time and substitute equipment costs. Added to that are the loss of equipment utilization due to excessive ice and snow, and winter driving conditions. The occupancy costs at our locations for snow removal and utility costs have hit all-time highs.

So here’s what we learned through all of that: lots can go wrong. I know, however, that I have watched the people in our companies get through tough times and this very tough winter. Once again, everyone has worked together to achieve our goals of taking good care of our customers while making our future as successful as our past.

I am proud of everyone in this company for their efforts in maintaining equipment, buildings, and a way to get freight delivered through the eye of the “polar vortex,” and most of all, for all the good work that has been done this winter.

The good news is that winter is coming to an end. As the snow cover decreases, I’m noticing people’s spirits and attitude going up. Kristin is refusing to wear her winter coat any longer based on principal. Now, let’s put away our Sorrel boots, hooded parkas, long underwear and choppers.

Thank you all. Enjoy the coming summer.

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