College Intern to Full-Time Accounting Staff Member

joeTwo years ago we established a summer intern program with our CEO’s (Steve Lawrence) undergrad alma mater, Augustana College. We had a need for summer help in our Rochester office, and Joe Callstrom was selected from a pool of intern applicants.

Over the past two summers, Joe worked in our accounts payable, billing, safety and recruiting departments. When Joe graduated with an accounting degree this past December, we were eager to offer him a full-time position as a staff accountant for our logistics company. We were happy that the grueling summer intern work didn’t scare him off. Joe fits in very well with our company and he is one example of the well-educated graduates Augustana College produces.

Joe played club soccer in college and took his team to the regional tournament in Colorado during his last semester. He also traveled to Greece to study for a J-term class. The experience of traveling abroad left him with the desire to someday do it again and visit his goal destination of Croatia. When asked “why Croatia?” His reply was “Google image it and you will see why”.

We were hoping “traveling” in one of our semis delivering a load during our busy times would have sufficed. We were wrong. I guess Croatia will have to wait because we are keeping him busy in Rochester MN.

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