Commercial Truck Leasing

Of the transportation options available today, commercial truck leasing alone allows you to have Lawrence’s state-of-the-art vehicles, fully specified to your needs with no up-front capital investment, no maintenance responsibility, and no resale responsibilities down the road. Leasing cuts your operating costs further by handling your transportation administration including most licensing and permitting.

The transportation of your manufactured goods is a cost of doing business. Often, that cost can be a direct liability, depending on your company’s decision to purchase or lease rolling stock. Before you make this decision, consider the following points as they relate to your business.

If your company has already acquired its own fleet of trucks, you’ve seen first hand the large amount of working capital that is tied up in such an acquisition. Some companies might consider this to be a justifiable expense. On the other hand, this money might be put to work more productively in investments or programs directly related to the growth and profit of your business. Leasing a fleet rather than purchasing also leaves you greater borrowing capacity on your organization’s lines of credit.

Moreover, running and management of a fleet of trucks requires specialized transportation management skills. The purchase and maintenance of company owned equipment often creates a drain of time, talent, and financial resources. Consider whether your company can afford to dedicate the transportation personnel required to run and maintain a fleet effectively.

Tax changes can also impact your decision whether to lease or buy. While a lease can be fully tax deductible, the depreciation of your purchased vehicles can actually increase your exposure to the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) taxable income. The repeal of the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) may further erode the tax benefits once associated with ownership. In addition, 18 wheeler leasing provides a fixed monthly transportation expense, which presents budgeting and bookkeeping advantages.

Services Included in Full-Service Lease Rates

  • Vehicle Acquisition and Disposal
  • All Maintenance,Tires, and Repairs
  • 24 Hours-a-Day, 7 Days-a-Week Emergency Road Service and Towing
  • Substitute Vehicle in Case of Mechanical Breakdown
  • FHUT, Base License, Fuel Permits
  • Risk Management
  • DOT Record Keeping
  • Nationalease Network of Repair and Maintenance Facilities
  • Vehicle Identification
  • Fuel Tax Reporting
  • Trip Recording

If you are interested in commercial truck leasing, we have several convenient locations throughout the upper Midwest, including ones in Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Iowa, so that we can work with companies all over America.

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