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Trucking Services

Lawrence Transportation Company has been in the transportation business for more than fifty years. We began as a for-hire carrier and expanded into a full service transportation company, growing with our customers and strategically acquiring other companies. Today Lawrence Transportation Services offers a wide range of supply-chain logistics, from truckload delivery to the operation of a dedicated private fleets. Our customized distribution systems are designed to fulfill the specific requirements of each shipper.

Trucking Services

Multiple Choices

LAWRENCE TRANSPORTATION COMPANY is a knowledge based company with expertise in computerized routing, satellite tracking industry regulations and electronic data interchange.  We haul refrigerated product, cross dock and mage customer inventories for just-in-time delivery.  You can choose one service package or let us do it all


Let us handle the difficult details.  We provide as many services, or as few, as you really need to outsource.  We can help manage customer fuel programs to ensure they receive the highest and best fuel consumption and cost programs.  We can assist with DOT compliance, safety programs and driver selection.  With a custom designed system from LAWRENCE, you can focus on your core business.


Our low driver turnover and long term customer relationships is proof enough that Lawrence Transportation is as reliable as they come. We have a team of professional drivers willing to get the work done and a staff of knowledgeable team members who will plan and track the job until it is complete.

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