Freight Management

When you have a truck load , or a partial truckload, dry or refrigerated, that needs delivery and you want it delivered safely and efficiently, and as rapidly as possible, our trucking and brokerage facilities have the solution. Your product could move on a Lawrence for hire-truck, it might be part of one of our company’s backhaul, or it could be handled by our brokerage operation. Whether it’s one shipment or management for all your freight, we will find trucks for your freight or freight for your trucks. For over 60 years, many of the products you know well have been delivered by Lawrence Transportation Company.

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Freight Plus, Inc. a division of Lawrence Transportation, is a full-service logistics and brokerage division. If a Lawrence Transportation truck is not close enough to handle your product we have over 1,000 pre-qualified carriers to do the job. Along with transportation management, we offer freight bill auditing, nationwide service, daily tracking and coordinating of all freight.

Lawrence Transportation Services occupies several locations throughout the Midwest, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Iowa. Our expansive reach allows us to extend our transportation management services to a wide variety of companies. We offer a large array of services, tailored to best suit your company, your needs, and your product. Each member of our staff is dedicated to your business.



Lawrence Transportation Company has always made safety their top priority. We value continued education and work hard to train our staff and drivers on the latest Federal and DOT rules and regulations. We have integrated safety into the culture of our business and work hard to ensure proper policies and procedures are followed by all.


Lawrence Transportation Company has been in business for over sixty years – owned and managed by individuals who have dedicated their careers to the trucking industry. With our highly knowledgeable team we can lead your career and business in the right direction.


Our low driver turnover and long term customer relationships is proof enough that Lawrence Transportation is as reliable as they come. We have a team of professional drivers willing to get the work done and a staff of knowledgeable team members who will plan and track the job until it is complete.

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“I have been with Lawrence for over 30 years. My driver manager is just like family to me and treats me with respect. The entire Lawrence team works with me to ensure I get the mileage I need backed by the home time I want. I would strongly recommend a career with Lawrence.”

-Bob Lindgren
Lawrence Transportation Driver